Bugaboo Buggy

Why do the Bugaboo buggy range stand apart?

They are one of the most sought after buggies around.

The Bugaboo buggy is the perfect pram for perfect parents. Whether you're expecting your first child or searching for a reliable pushchair, few buggy brands are as iconic as Bugaboo. They've even acquired a HUGE celebrity following – with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Simon Cowell – repping the brand. This has helped make them one of the most sought after buggies around.

Explore the world with your little one using a premium Bugaboo buggy. 

Gain peace of mind and keep your baby completely safe in a state-of-the-art Bugaboo buggy. Its high-performance designs make its buggies easy to manoeuvre and comfortable for your child. On top of offering your little one the ultimate experience in comfort, they're available in a newborn to toddler design. So investing in one of these pushchairs will seamlessly see you through to the early years. But let's stop waffling! Read on to find out which of our Bugaboo buggy range is the best fit for you and your growing family.

Bugaboo Bee 6 Complete

The greatest city pushchair.

Turn your daily strolls into eye-opening adventures for your child with this Bugaboo buggy. Bugaboo's quickest and zippiest city stroller yet has a compact design and comfort build - making it a dream ride for both newborns and toddlers.

An intuitive explorer that’s quick to zip past any city challenge.

The Bugaboo Bee 6 is Bugaboo's comfort city pushchair. It's the best companion to let you discover the city together with your family. Whether you want a walk in the park, a grocery run, or need to get in and out of public transport, it offers the best of both worlds: true comfort in a compact size.

Compact design.

This Bugaboo buggy folds effortlessly with one hand, making it easier to carry up and down stairs while safely holding your baby close to you. Its compact size allows you to get in and out of public transportation with ease, making it the perfect choice for the hustle and bustle of city living.

True comfort.

Enjoy the pushchair from day one right out of the box, or add extra padding for your newborn with the Bugaboo carrycot. For added protection, this Bugaboo buggy now has a rotating bumper bar for added comfort. It also has a new sun canopy design with extra ventilation features.

Easy to push.

The key thing that sets this Bugaboo buggy apart from others is its bigger than average, puncture-proof wheels. Meaning fewer bumps and longer naps on urban pathways. Advanced suspension helps with extra shock absorption and lets you keep a smooth push with only one hand.

This Bugaboo buggy includes:

  • Bee 6 Chassis & Grips
  • Wheels & Wheel Caps
  • Seat Hardware & Seat Fabric
  • Rotating Bumper Bar
  • Comfort Harness
  • Canopy Wires & Canopy Clamps
  • Self-stand Extension
  • Rain Cover & Sun Canopy
  • Underseat Basket


Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus

The original comfort pushchair

This Bugaboo buggy has helped families get out and explore the world since 2005. It's a firm favourite thanks to its versatility, light and compact ease of use. You won’t find this amount of innovation or quality anywhere else.

Everything your child needs.

Iconic from the start, this full-sized pushchair adapts to every family and their needs. From newborn to toddler, from the city to woods, sand and snow, the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus can take you wherever you want to go. Iconic, practical, and built to last, the latest rendition has been redesigned with a rotating carry handle.

Take the road less travelled.

The iconic reversible handlebar allows you to switch from the smaller front wheels to the bigger back wheels in one easy motion. So strolling busy streets, snow-covered sidewalks, or sandy beaches is always a fun and comfortable ride.

Bond every chance you get.

This Bugaboo buggy offers versatility in any situation. Whether you’re strolling around the store or sitting down at a picnic table, you can always connect with your little co-pilot. Simply reverse the handlebar to face them, and they're there.

Iconic design that inspired all the rest.

Its pioneering design is inspired by the very first Bugaboo buggy. This uncomplicated and easy-going pushchair has everything you need for spontaneous day trips. So, if you’re visiting grandparents or evening strolls around the block – Bugaboo delivers.

This Bugaboo buggy includes:

  • Cameleon 3 Chassis & Wheels
  • Seat/Bassinet Frame
  • Rotating Carry Handle
  • Canopy Wires & Canopy Clamps
  • Rain Cover & Sun Canopy Fabric
  • Seat Fabric with Comfort Harness
  • Bassinet Fabric with Mattress
  • Apron & Underseat Bag


Bugaboo Fox 2 Complete

The ultimate all terrain pushchair

The best ride ever. With perfect handling in all terrains, nothing will stop you from enjoying everything parenthood has to offer. This Bugaboo buggy combines years of smart design and rigorous testing for the best and lightest push. It features a unique chassis design and large puncture-proof wheels so that you can easily steer it with one hand through any terrain.

New discoveries everywhere, anytime.

The Bugaboo Fox 2 is the new and improved version of its first sibling, the Bugaboo Fox. With the Bugaboo Fox 2, Bugaboo maintained what’s best about the Bugaboo Fox but with new and updated features. These include a new breezy sun canopy, folding buttons, carrycot storage pockets, and more. Plus, its high seat position means you keep your baby close, whether on the move or sitting down for lunch.

Light touch strolling

This Bugaboo buggy is so responsive even when pushing with just one hand. With a little co-pilot, no two days or two journeys are the same. That's why the Bugaboo Fox 2 has the best handling on any terrain, making every route equally smooth.

Advanced suspension

Its large puncture-proof wheels, iconic Bugaboo central joint, and 4-wheel suspension let you glide. Whether its cobblestones or sand, your child will feel like its naptime anywhere you go.


Innovative comfort

Wherever adventure takes you, this Bugaboo buggy follows. Advanced suspension, combined with soft padding, makes every stroll sleep-inducing for your baby. Plus, it's a breeze to manoeuvre around any sidewalk surprises you might encounter.


This Bugaboo buggy includes:

  • Fox 2 Chassis & Wheels
  • Seat/Carrycot Frame
  • Seat Hardware & Underseat Basket
  • Comfort Harness & Foot Rest
  • Rotating Carry Handle
  • Canopy Wires & Canopy Clamps
  • Carrycot Stiffeners & Carrycot Bottom
  • Seat Fabric & Carrycot Fabric Set
  • Mattress Complete
  • Grips & Wheel Caps
  • Rain cover & Sun Canopy Fabric


Bugaboo Lynx Complete

The everyday multi terrain pushchair.

Super light. Amazingly strong. This Bugaboo buggy makes daily adventures smooth and comfortable. The Lynx is Bugaboo's lightest full-size pushchair. It's designed to make your daily adventures as a parent easier and as comfortable as they can be – from day one.

A light-footed wanderer that feels confident in any route it takes.

This lightweight newborn Bugaboo buggy can accommodate a child of up to 22 kg/50 lbs on the seat, plus an extra 10 kg/22 lbs in the underseat basket. The Lynx is compact and offers a one-piece fold - meaning you can enjoy the benefits of a one-piece self-standing fold, without removing the seat

Innovative one piece fold

The Lynx is packed full of daily essentials that make strolls to the store just as comfortable as trips in the great outdoors for both you and your child. It’s ready to pack up and go whenever you are because it folds into one light piece you can then effortlessly take up and down the stairs or lift in and out of your car.

Lightweight design

Its lightweight build is designed to easily carry a comfortable little passenger and all of your things in the large underseat basket at the same time. Even when packed to the brim, it still glides over bumpy country roads and busy sidewalks.

No corner left unturned

Whether you’re going up and down curbs or rushing through tight spaces, it’s swift to turn and maneuver, thanks to its 2-wheel suspension. You can feel confident about any route you take, even if you choose to push it with just one hand, while also knowing your child will enjoy the smoothest ride every time.


This Bugaboo buggy includes:

  • Lynx Chassis & Wheels
  • Seat Frame & Seat Hardware
  • Comfort Harness & Footrest
  • Bassinet & Seat Fabrics
  • Rotating Carry Handle
  • Canopy Wires & Canopy Clamps
  • Sun Canopy & Raincover
  • Grips & Wheel Caps
  • Underseat Basket


Who’s behind our Bugaboo buggy range?

Enjoy endless moments of discovery with your little one.

Well – Bugaboo, of course! After kickstarting a pushchair revolution more than two decades ago, they've continued to innovate. Bugaboo believes that families don't have to go all that far to discover a world of something new. They design extraordinary products and parenting solutions that make a difference. Now, spending time with your child is more exciting, memorable, and – most importantly – fun, no matter where you go. Plus, by expanding their range of parental products, they're now more comfortable and easy to use than they ever thought possible. All so, you can enjoy endless moments of discovery with your little one every step of the way. Better yet, they sweat the details, so you don't have to. Their designers and engineers have spent years developing, testing, and refining every one of their products. Far beyond industry standards. So you can be sure that every joint, stitch, and click is designed to help you and your family enjoy the most comfortable ride, whatever the journey.

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