Childrens Nursery Furniture

Why’s children’s nursery furniture so fundamental?

Encourage clean and tidy bedrooms for when they get that little bit older.

Prepare for your little one's arrival with our stunning range of children's nursery furniture. At Bush Babes, we believe that a serene and refined environment is not only good for your baby but good for you too! Ease tension with calming colours and apt places to store all the essentials – whether they're big or small. This way, you can have a little peace of mind – even if you don't get peace and quiet!

Welcome your little one with our tried and tested baby products.

Make the most out of all the moments you have with your newborn and welcome them into a space infused with love. Our matching children's nursery furniture encourages clean and tidy bedrooms for when they get that little bit older. So, whether you need a comfortable crib, dresser or changing unit, we have all that and more right in the store. You'll find everything, from charming wooden children's nursery furniture to the more modern pieces. There’s plenty to choose from that's suited to all interior design styles in this range of baby furniture, so your dream nursery is just a click away.


Frequently asked questions about our children’s nursery furniture

We’ll get you right on track to clear the path for your baby’s development.

When buying children's nursery furniture, you can buy sets to ensure the colours and styles match. More often than not, such sets come with a cot, a dresser and/or wardrobe. However, this isn't always the case and varies depending on the selected set. Storage is essential when furnishing your little one's room, so always double-check that you'll have more than you need. Plus, if you want to save on costs, plan ahead if possible.

The cots within some sets are adaptable and can transform into toddler beds.

Two and three-piece sets tend to be the norm. However, if you have a nursery room with considerable space, investing in a children's nursery furniture set and additional are the way to go. Also, if you plan to have more children, nursery furniture sets like these can be passed down and used again. Make sure to think about the finish of your nursery furniture since this will impact your child's upbringing. With a little bit of time and planning, you can ensure the sets fit your interior decoration perfectly. Have any lingering questions about any of our products? If so, we’d like to dispel your worries, and get you right on track to clear the path for your baby’s development:

What if I don’t know whether I’m having a boy or a girl?

In recent years, we've noticed that gender-neutral nurseries have become ever more popular with new parents. So much so that many want to keep their new bundle of joy a surprise until the big day. For this reason, we recommend going for light grey, cream or white children's nursery furniture.

How much is too much storage?

You can never have enough storage! When it comes to our children's nursery furniture, we offer built-in, height-adjustable shelving. From cots to dressers and wardrobes, we provide the optimal storage solutions for baby's clothes and additional essentials. No matter if you have baby towels or blankets, you can never have enough storage space.

How do I make children’s nursery furniture last longer?

Whilst tempting, avoid dragging children's nursery furniture (or any for that matter!) Otherwise, joints will loosen, and the sets will wobble and become unstable. Also, avoid leaks and spills, over-filling drawers, and heat - whether from radiators or electric heaters. Follow these tips, and your furniture should look fresh for years to come!


Who is behind our children’s nursery furniture?

Providers of superior quality and stylish sleep solutions for parents.

Sleep, it’s something we all cherish . . . but when you become a parent, it can take on a whole new meaning. Dedicated to creating products and having conversations to help make nap times as stress-free as possible Snüz held a belief. They believed that when it comes to a happy parent and child, everything starts with a good night’s sleep. Established in 2014, Snüz's vision was to provide superior quality and stylish sleep solutions for parents. They began with the now iconic and award-winning SnuzPod. Since then, Snüz has expanded to include children’s nursery furniture, sleeping bags, sleep aids and mattresses too!

SnüzKot children’s nursery furniture

Discover the SnüzKot Collection. Individually styled cot beds and matching units make for truly unique children’s nursery furniture. Three spacious drawers and a removable changing frame converts into a standalone dresser. It all perfectly coordinates with the cot bed.

Yet, Snüz isn’t the only supplier of children’s nursery furniture that we work with! Our top-rated children’s nursery furniture is courteous of Mamas and Papas. Mamas and Papas have over 40 years of experience helping proud parents grow their family, THEIR WAY. Born and bred in Yorkshire, they have over 30 stores and concessions across the UK and Ireland. They're partial to a wee bit of globetrotting too – trading in the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Far East, with more openings on the horizon. Mamas and Papas award-winning products are lovingly designed to support customers' parenting journeys. From nursery room sets and furniture to pushchairs, clothing, equipment, toys and more. They believe that "no one gets parenting better" and have a host of industry awards and thousands of happy parents to prove it too!

The Atlas range of children’s nursery furniture

The rustic Atlas collection features a simple yet classic design. Complete with a woodgrain finish, this children’s nursery furniture is the perfect canvas for your nursery. So much so that it's ready for you to add some of your personality to the mix.

The Franklin range of children’s nursery furniture

When the ordinary won't do - be bold. This children’s nursery furniture collection combines robustness with boldness to create something iconic. The large shapes and choice of looks make it a contemporary collection people can't help talking about.

The Melfi range of children’s nursery furniture

Embrace stylish silhouettes with an on-trend colour palette and brushed metallic handles. Are you looking for children’s nursery furniture that combines style and smart storage? If so, then the Melfi collection is ideal.

The Mia range of children’s nursery furniture

If you're all about elegant design for your little one's nursery, the Mia collection will fit right in. This luxury children’s furniture pairs traditional sleigh curves with contemporary straight lines. Organising your baby's room is a breeze with our adjustable timeless pieces.


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