Mamas and Papas Ocarro Rain Cover

Why Mamas and Papas' Ocarro rain cover the perfect choice on a rainy day?

 Mamas and Papas Ocarro Rain Cover

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Soft and supple, the material offers strength and durability, yet is sturdy and flexible.


During rainy days, the Mamas and Papas' Ocarro rain cover is a handy and efficient cover for your little one. Keep your child comfy and dry during unexpected downpours with the rain covers 250-micron thick PVC material. Typically, cheaper rain covers employ 180-micron thick plastic. However, Mamas and Papas' Ocarro rain cover doesn't skimp on quality. Unlike cheaper plastic that tends to stick together and is difficult to unfold, Mamas and Papas' Ocarro rain cover is soft and supple. Despite this, the material offers strength and durability, yet is sturdy and flexible. Mamas and Papas' Ocarro rain cover is compatible with both the seat and carrycot, which attach to the chassis with no need for adapters.


After the skies clear up, you can fold and store the cover away without breaking a sweat. Where? Well, Mamas and Papas' Ocarro has a generously-sized storage basket that can comfortably hold at least three shopping bags. On family outings, the basket can easily carry a changing bag, towels and an extra bag of baby travel toys, which is no mean feat. Mamas and Papas' Ocarro rain cover is included as standard and fits nice and snugly to ensure the rain stays out – no matter how strong the downpour. When folded, it doesn’t take a lot of space, so you can keep it stored in the basket at all times.


Mamas and Papas Ocarro rain cover features


  • Fully ventilated elasticated fit
  • 250 micron thick UV protected plastic
  • Crystal clear plastic for excellent visibility
  • Black binding protects stitching for longer durability
  • Easy throw over design with small fold away for storage



Who’s behind Mamas and Papas Ocarro rain cover?


Mamas and Papas – no one gets parenting better.


Well, Mamas and Papas, of course! Mamas and Papas have over 40 years of experience helping proud parents grow their family, THEIR WAY. Born and bred in Yorkshire, they have over 30 stores and concessions across the UK and Ireland. They're partial to a wee bit of globetrotting too – trading in the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Far East, with more openings on the horizon. Mamas and Papas award-winning products are lovingly designed to support customers' parenting journeys. From Mamas and Papas’ Ocarro carrycot to furniture, pushchairs, clothing, toys and more. They believe that "no one gets parenting better" and have a host of industry awards and thousands of happy parents to prove it too! 



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