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Why are we the best newborn store for your little one?

We’d do anything to help make your life just that little bit more fuss-free.

When you bring someone into the world, you only want the best for them. That’s why we set about becoming the UK's leading luxury newborn store. After all, when you were childless, the approach to shopping was simple. Out of milk, eggs or rice – y’know, the essentials – just nip out and head to the store. Drift the aisles and hunt the deals; it’s a fairly painless, relaxing affair.

Yet, when you have a newborn . . . it’s more akin to a tactical incursion.

No matter, whether you're welcoming a baby of your own into the world or are looking for the perfect gift, here's what you can expect from our newborn store. Unlike your little one, our staff won't be sleeping, feeding, or crying. Instead, they'll be doing their utmost to uphold a relaxed and mellow environment for you. Why? Because when it comes to your little one, there's so much to consider, and you needn't overwork yourself.

To help make the search just that bit smoother, our newborn store holds all the luxuries under one roof. We stock everything from super-soft fabrics to everyday essentials, online and in-store. From the sweetest baby clothes to the cosiest cots, Bush Babes newborn store has it all. Anything to help make your life just that little bit more fuss-free.


How do to prepare for our newborn store

Bush Babes – the luxury independent newborn store.

At Bush Babes, we’ve made our newborn store as child friendly as possible. However, if you’re an expecting mother or father, here are a few basics you need to know about your new arrival.


Don't expect rewards, smiles or coos

From your baby, that is. We can’t wait to meet you!

Babies cry. A LOT. They use these piercing wails to communicate their feelings of hunger, coldness or their sense of abandonment. Push through the exhaustion and emotional upheaval. It won't last forever. Yes, it's frustrating, but your little one's early attempts at conservations indicate their attachment for you. They just want to feel safe and sound and cared for. At Bush Babes, we want you to feel the same. That’s why we’re open every day of the week with no appointment needed. We can’t wait to meet you!

Care for your little one with our range of accessories. Bush Babe’s newborn store stocks everything from warm blankets to washable muslins and bibs.


YES, dry skin is normal

Keep on top of your home's hygiene with Bush Babes.

Sure, when you first hold them, your baby-boo might be soft to the touch and silky smooth, but all that's will change. After all, if you submerged yourself in the tub for nine months, you'd be dry too! Dry skin is nothing to fear and tends to occur after the first month. Broadly speaking, it tends to peel and flake away, however, you should anticipate rashes. Again, all normal, yet we know it can be distressing. If you want to keep on top of your home's hygiene, our newborn store has a range of bathtime accessories

Keep your baby cute, cuddly and snuggly with our newborn store’s bathtime range. We stock everything from bathrobes to wash clothes and flexi baths.


It’s feeding time

Nappies are a great indicator of whether they are well fed.

Newborns lose 5 to 8% of their birth weight within the first week of being born. However, they should gain this back by the second. A great way of gauging whether your baby is getting the right amount of feed is with their nappies. Nappies can be a haphazard affair, but five or six wet nappies a day – and at least one or two stools – are a great indicator of whether they are well fed. Whilst we don't provide nappies at our newborn store, we do offer a series of feeding accessories and furniture.

Bush Babes newborn store are all about cleanliness. To help you clean up after your prodigy, we stock bibs, changing bags, mattresses, dresser units and more.


Newborns sleep a lot – but not for long

Surprisingly, most can sleep for six to eight hours!

Yes, it's a bit hit and miss (we imagine you know already!), but those first few months are a free-for-all. However, your newborn needs a feed every two to three hours. When they come to three months of age, most can sleep for six to eight hours. Until then, attempt getting your baby on a day and night schedule. During the day, don't let them snooze any more than three hours without waking them to feed. At night, let them sleep as long as they want once they regained the weight they lost at birth.

Enter the land of nod with our newborn store’s sleep collection. Get some Zzz’s with cots, cotbeds, bedside cribs, Moses baskets ad more.


You don't have to hole up at home.

We operate a very relaxed and laidback atmosphere.

Stressed, tired and lonely? Those early days of being a parent are HARD, but they’ll soon be behind you. The newborn stage is fleeting. Take pictures, cherish smelling, kissing, and loving them – and don’t for a second think that you have to hole up at home. You can still lead a normal life just use common sense when out and about in public. Stay away from the sun, bad weather or sick people, and you should avoid any illnesses. Bush Babes newborn store isn’t too cramped, and we operate a very relaxed and laidback atmosphere.

If you’re looking to reintegrate with society in style, take a look at our newborn store’s travel collection. Complete with everything from prams, strollers, car seats and accessories


Get in touch with our newborn store

Aspirational living with award winning service.

Bush Babes Baby Store is a luxury independent packed full of leading nursery brands. We are two families who united to create a welcoming and aspirational baby store. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Bush Babes Baby Store has won many awards and served generations of families. Mothers who once shopped for their children are now coming in with their adult daughters for their grandchildren. Together, we want to help you choose everything you need for the most important person in your life . . . your new baby!

Our mission is to provide the best service, price and most honest advice to all our customers. 

Our staff are trained in all aspects of baby products, with special attention paid to car safety. We stock contemporary nursery furniture, prams, strollers, travel accessories, clothing and gifts. Orders can be placed online, or you can visit the store in person. We are located in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, just 5 minutes from junction 25 of the M25. Based in a large 5,000 square foot premises – and set over three floors – we operate the largest nursery store in the South East!

Interested in our newborn store? Reach out to Bush Babes Baby Store today!