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Why come to us for a nursery dresser?

Understandably, you don’t want to skimp on style or safety

Expecting your first child? If so, you understandably want a coordinated look for your nursery dresser, complete with all the trimmings. Obviously, the cot comes first. Yet it's the nursery dresser that's the focal point of the room. This piece of furniture typically tends to be the biggest in the room too. So you need to ensure it has plenty of storage and optimal aesthetics. Why? Because that room is where your little one spends most of their time (and let's face it – you will too)!

Whilst it's capable of housing an array of necessities – from nappies to clothes – quality is always of the utmost importance. Of course, you understandably don’t want to skimp on style or safety. Therefore, you need to consider the finishes of the furniture and ensure the materials aren’t toxic for your teething baby. Fortunately, at Bush Babes, we’ve selected some of the most stylish and timeless nursery brands available. Most of these sets can be found in neutral hues, such as white and grey with wooden undertones. These popular colours lend themselves to a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Our range of beautifully crafted nursery dressers come in a variety of colours, which you can find in our showroom, across our site and below:


Mia Dresser Changer

Want your nursery to bring a little elegance to bedtime? If so then this nursery dresser is just what you need. It’s striking sleigh curves and iconic design is punctuated by its adaptability. A removable rail lets you choose between a handy changing station in those early months and a stylish dresser. Meaning it can outlive the nursery and look just at home elsewhere!

Melfi Dresser Changer

Embrace stylish silhouettes with an on-trend colour palette and brushed metallic handles. The Melfi is all about smart storage and striking style. Its four drawers are soft-close, so you can organise your baby's outfits while they sleep, without waking them. Plus, when your child outgrows the changer, simply remove the changing top. This dresser will last you years!

Franklin Dresser Changer

When the ordinary won't do – be bold. Franklin combines bold shapes with robust pieces to create an iconic nursery dresser. Large shapes and a distinctive finish make a contemporary collection people can't help talking about. Complete with soft close drawers and dividing rails, organising's never been easier (or quieter)! Available in white and grey wash colours.

Atalas Dresser Changer

With a simple, yet classic design and woodgrain finish, the Atlas nursery dresser is the perfect canvas for your little one's special place. However, the rustic collection allows you to add some of your own personality to the mix. Plus, with three deep drawers and a removable changing top, you won't ever be tight on space!

SnüzKot Changing Units

The SnüzKot collection features individually styled cot beds and a matching nursery dresser to create a unique space. Three spacious drawers and capable of converting into a standalone dresser, with a removable changing frame. It's also available in a host of colours, such as Luxe Grey/White and Skandi Grey/White/Natural/Slate/Rose Gold.


What is a nursery dresser?

It means more space to play peekaboo or hide and seek.

A baby might not come with instructions, but a nursery dresser does. After all, if you're welcoming a new addition to the family, you want to be as prepared as possible. Not only for the big event but their nursery as well. Fortunately, it's never been easier to keep your nursery looking spick and span with our nursery dresser range. See, when it comes to baby clothes, toys and essentials, these little things have a BIG habit of expanding. That's why we think there's no such thing as "too much storage". ESPECIALLY when it comes to nurseries and children's rooms.

Keep your nursery clutter-free by organising everything in our nursery dresser range.

These space-saving storage solutions are perfect for all your nursery essentials and set at a comfortable height to work with. It's because of this that they've become a favoured piece of furniture over the years. With a range of delightfully designed nursery dressers – in an assortment of styles, colours and finishes – it's never been easier to form a nest. Better still, with all these gorgeous brands to choose from, your nursery will look utterly adorable and coordinated. Because whoever said that nurseries can't be chic?! From the ultra-contemporary Snüzkot collection to the more traditional Mamas & Papas, these brands are masters in the art of efficiency. With oh-so spacious drawers yet compact dimensions, you can really maximise space in your nursery. It means plenty more space to play peekaboo or hide and seek . . . and far less chance of tripping over that rogue rattle!


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