YOYO Travel Stroller

The YOYO travel stroller is the practical solution for the social parent

 YOYO Travel Stroller


With Bush Babes we’ll show you how you can YOYO everyday – from birth to toddler.


Crave comfort and practicality for you and your little one? The YOYO travel stroller offers all that and more. Renowned for its luxury range of strollers and pushchairs, Babyzen products are the top choice for stylish parents. On the fence about investing in a travel stroller if you already have a standard pushchair or buggy? We ask you this: why suffer a myriad of unnecessary travel headaches with a full-size pushchair? Your next family escapade should be that – an escape. You don't want to stress the small things, and a full-size pushchair is far from small. Yet, the YOYO travel stroller is a minimalist dream that makes leaving home with your little one just that little bit easier and a lot more convenient.


In light of the pandemic, few people want to stay stuck indoors. We still don’t know the detrimental effects of the COVID baby. However, whilst it’s crucial you get your baby socialising – it’s also vital you see the outside world too. The fashionable YOYO travel stroller is perfect for parents who need to hop on a bus, train or plane and whisk their little one on their way. Fold and unfold it in an instant, wear it over your shoulder and tuck it in just about anywhere – including your car. The YOYO travel stroller has many of the same high-end features that traditional strollers have. However, it’s all rolled into a singular compact and portable package. So, for families frequently on the go, get the YOYO travel stroller. Lighten your load and simplify your life.



How is the YOYO travel stroller beneficial for your child?


Provide a safe and comfy place for them to nap while you're busy and on the move.

When faced with airports, narrow pavements, public transportation or your car, you don't want a cumbersome form of travel. You want something lighter than the standard stroller that's easy to fold and compact in size when collapsed. The YOYO travel stroller is just that. It's a lighter, nimbler travel solution that pays off dividends when you need it. Strike a balance between the traditional and umbrella stroller styles and benefit from the ease of use and style. It also has a range of customisable amenities. Switch out the seat and shade fabrics with a new colour pack.


Yet, how is any of this specifically beneficial to your child? A YOYO travel stroller provides a safe and comfy place to nap while you're busy and on the move. You can even help your older child hitch a ride on the stroller board and add a storage bag that uses wheeled support so your stroller won’t tip. Better still, a YOYO travel stroller is far easier on your back than a carrier and won't leave you and your baby overheated, unlike a carrier or papoose. Use a YOYO travel stroller as its namesake or sling it over your shoulder like an oversized bag. Easily steer through crowds and traverse narrow or off-road spaces.



What is a YOYO travel stroller?


It’s durable, comfortable to push, and easy to clean.


Renowned for being one of the sturdiest, most comfortable travel strollers on the market, the YOYO travel stroller weighs just 6.2kg. Durable, comfortable to push, and easy to clean, it's suitable for new-borns and children weighing 22kg. Unlike other travel strollers, this is a far bigger threshold. Therefore, it could be deemed the only pushchair worth purchasing. Better still, it's fully reclinable and - when folded - compact enough to be slipped into the footwell of a car. Therefore, it takes up little to no boot space at all. Plus, with a large hood and shopping basket, it's stable enough to attach a bag without worrying about it toppling over.



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